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The next couple of weeks I’m going to speak at some interesting and completely different events. Next week I will be at [re:publica][republica] in Berlin doing a tunneling workshop. Last year there was a screen at the entrance of re:publica showing the output of dnsniff. Some people got very pissed because of their passwords turning up in full HD quality. So Markus had the idea of this workshop and asked to do that in order to give the attendees a possibility to protect themself. The re:publica is going to be very big this year (800 attendees all together as far as I know) and a lot of old friends will show up I haven’t seen in a while.

The next event I’m going to visit is [Bluehat v7][bluehat] in Seattle. I’ve never been to the States before, so I’m really excited going there - especially because Microsoft is the reason which I still find very weird. I’ll give a presentation together with [Manuel Caballero][manuel] about [Silverlight][silverlight] and how it compares to Adobe Flash security-wise. Only a few of the speakers of Bluehat are already known to me. Beside [Lieutenant Dan][dan] and [kuza55][kuza] I’m looking forward to got to know [Sowhat][sowhat]. We tried to invite him to one of the past [Chaos Communication Congresses][c3] but it was far more complicate than we thought because of problems with the visa. I’m also looking forward to got to know [Billy Rios][bk]. I guess he and [Nitesh][nitesh] will talk about [Phishing][interview].

In May I’ll be at [PH-Neutral][phneutral] and give a presentation together with [BeF][bef] entitled “SWF and the Malware Tragedy”. The talk is about static analysis of SWF bytecode and we hopefully have some more time to look into less known SWF bytecode obfuscation techniques. BeF and me also wrote a [paper][paper] with the same title which is mainly about using Erlang programming language based [erlswf][erlswf] for SWF bytecode analysis.



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