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Controlling access to Local Shared Objects aka Flash Cookies

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[LSO][LSO], also known as Flash Cookies or Flash Shared Objects, are somewhat nasty: There are persistent across browsers, don’t get deleted on browser exit nor is there an obvious way for viewing and managing them. One possibility is to use [NoScript][NoScript], disable Flash entirely or disable read/write access to the directories where they get stored is another. But I personally find it interesting to see what sites are actually using those cookies for tracking. So a good solution for this specific issue would something to take back control and have an overview over those sites without giving them access to LSOs.

There is one simple solution and it is even supplied by [Adobe][Adobe] itself: The [Flash Player Settings Manager][Flash Player Settings Manager]. It’s actually a Flash movie which is able to access the file system and store the settings.

I know, it is weird that it resides on Adobes website and it is far from being perfect at all since it would be much nice to have a real interface to it.

[Flash Player Settings Manager]:


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