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Deepsec in Vienna

Pungenday, 31st The Aftermath, 3173.

This week my workmate [Stefan][stefan] and me are going to join [Deepsec][deepsec], an “in-depth security conference” in Vienna. Deepsec looks very promising to me since there are a lot of talks I like to attend to, like the talks from Halvar Flake, Dave Aitel, Martin Johns, Alexander Kornbrust, David Litchfield or from Melanie Rieback. I will also give a talk, once again on Adobe Flash Security.

Beside the conference there will be another nice great event in Vienna called [Roböxotica][roboexotica], a festival for cocktail robotics. I am also looking forward to visit [Metalab][metalab] and meet some friends.

Last but not least we will visit [Figlmüller][figlmueller] to eat Wiener Schnitzel :)



"The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty." - Eugene McCarthy

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