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Self-accusation of delicts forbidden by §202c StGB (German criminal code)

Boomtime, 38th Bureaucracy, 3173.

A while ago Michael Kubert offered to host so-called “hacker tools” and prepares a self-accusation of delicts forbidden by 202c StGB to see what happens. He posted his offer in the [comments of Stefan article about taking down MOPB exploits][MOPB takedown]. Now he prepared a [simple password cracking bruteforce tool][javaexploits] himself and offered it for download. His self-accusation happend beginning that week at the local prosecution authority Mannheim. He is very confident that nothing will happen.

Although I think it’s one way to get some information regarding that shitty paragraph, I don’t think it will really help very much. In my point of view the worst thing is not 202c itself but its connection to [303b][303b] regarding “computer sabotage” which points to [129a][129a] “forming of a terrorist organization”. As I mentioned several times, I’m quite sure that no one will ever go to jail for 202c. It’s more likely that it 202c will be used to have a more easy way to do house searches, hoping to find something interesting.

129a for example is also such weird paragraph: No one was ever convicted by that one, but it was (and still is) heavily used for starting investigations against groups and individuals. The “benefit” is mainly, that a different police is doing this investigation, so it’s much more intensive than the usual investigation regarding “normal” criminals.

Anyways, we’ll see what will happen.

A “funny” side note: The German Minister of Interal Affairs, Wolfgang Schäuble, gave an interview to the newspaper [Tagespiegel][tagespiegel], where is talking about the internet as “the universal plattform of the holy war against the western world” and that the internet “is not only for communication but also advertising, university, training camp and think tank for terrorists”. The most interesting part of it is that the German government is preparing a law for accusing people being trained in terrorist training camps. So it seems that everybody using the internet obviously participated at such camp in one way or another.

This could be really funny, but, well, in fact it’s not.

[MOPB takedown]:



  1. Did you mean §202b? I think there is no §302b…

    Comment by streetcleaner — Sweetmorn, 42nd Bureaucracy, 3173. @ 7602

  2. Ahh, you meant 303b…

    Comment by streetcleaner — Sweetmorn, 42nd Bureaucracy, 3173. @ 8622

  3. Ah, thanks for the hint :)

    Comment by fukami — Sweetmorn, 42nd Bureaucracy, 3173. @ 34550

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