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DevHouse Cologne

Prickle-Prickle, 58th Confusion, 3173.

This weekend the first [DevHouse][devhouse] in Germany happened in Cologne. The idea behind is a bit like BarCamp, but the main difference is the strong focus on development and security. The host for this event was [people interactive][pi]. This company draw some attention by winning a [Multimedia Award][dmma] this year for an impressive interactive tablet made for T-Com. I personally gave two presentation, one about Flash Security Basics, one about Performance Testing using DTrace.

The only session where I personally learned something new was during a talk called “Flash without Flash” from David Neu. Since he’s using Flash in a professional production workflow without Adobes IDE it was interesting for me to see how those Open Source Flash tools are used from a developers perspective. I had an insightful talk with him afterwards about the direction the player/plugin will evolve. He also showed me a couple of things he has done with his company (people interactive) in the past and showed me a funny buffer overflow in a piece of popular ATM hardware.

All in all I liked the event pretty much. It was a bit chaotic and sometimes a bit noisy during the sessions. Nonetheless I found it much more fun than the usual BarCamps where it’s more about VC bull crap than interesting developments and methodologies.



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