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How to build a very basic AS3 decompiler using Tamarin on non-Win32 systems

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Quite a while ago Adobe released a ActionScript as OSS, and together with the Mozilla Foundation they introduced a project called [Tamarin][Tamarin]. Tamarin aims to implement a high-performance, open source implementation of ES4 language specification. Basically it’s ActionScript 3, used by Flex and newer version of Flash.

During my preparations of my talks at the [Camp][Camp], [FrOSCon][FrOSCon] and [DevHouse Cologne][DevHouse] as well as the prep of the FlashSec project wiki I stumbled upon one big problem: There are quite some possibilities to decompile AS2 based SWF movies, but there is nothing really for AS3. A few weeks ago I [read][AS3 Decompiler] about Tamarin as one way of getting a cheapo AS3 decompiler, but it simply didn’t work the way expected on Mac OS (and Linux). Today I found out why it didn’t work.

Here is a very quick-and-dirty overview over the necessary steps:

* First of all obtain [Mercurial][Mercurial], the SCM used by the Tamarin project (under OSX it’s avail in Macports)
* After that get the Tamarin source by filing:

hg clone tamarin-central

* If you are running an OS != Win32 you have to change shell/DataIO.h
* Line 124 - 131 reads as the following:

Endian GetNativeEndian() const
   #ifdef WIN32
   return kLittleEndian;
   return kBigEndian;

* Since I’m lazy I only commented out everything inside the brackets but line which says “return kLittleEndian”.
* Build Tamarin. On MacOS X:

$ cd tamarin-central/core
$ xcodebuild -project platform/mac/shell/shell.xcodeproj

* Download and install the [Adobe Flex 2 SDK][Flex SDK] in case you didn’t do already
* The ActionScript compiler can be found in lib/asc.jar. Copy lib/asc.jar from the SDK installation to tamarin-central/utils/
* Use asc.jar to compile the Tamarin intrinsics into

$ cd tamarin-central/core
$ java -ea -DAS3 -Xmx200m -DAVMPLUS 
    -classpath ../utils/asc.jar macromedia.asc.embedding.ScriptCompiler 
    -d -builtin -out builtin

* Now you can use asc.jar and to compile applications. Use the -help options of asc.jar and avmplus for more details. Note: Under MacOS X avmplus is under platform/mac/shell/build/Release/shell
* To compile abcdump.exe these steps:

$ java -jar utils/asc.jar core/
$ java -jar utils/asc.jar shell/
$ java -jar utils/asc.jar -exe avmplus -import core/ -import shell/ utils/

* Now we are ready to compile and decompile AS3.

Here’s a very basic example to see if it works. First we compile a simple script:

$ echo 'print("hello, world")' >
$ java -jar utils/asc.jar -import core/, 86 bytes written

Now we can decompile the resulting (.abc is Actionscript Byte Code). As you can see it’s actually not ActionScript source but some pseudo code. So we cannot use this afterwards to recompile it (like with Flare and AS2), but it’s enough to see what the script is actually doing:

$ utils/abcdump.exe
magic 2e0010
Cpool numbers size 3 3 %
Cpool strings count 5 size 32 37 %
Cpool namespaces count 3 size 5 5 %
Cpool nssets count 2 size 4 4 %
Cpool names count 2 size 4 4 %
MethodInfo count 1 size 5 5 %
InstanceInfo size 1 1 %
ClassInfo size 0 0%
ScriptInfo size 3 3 %
MethodBodies size 24 27 %

function script0$init():*       /* disp_id 0*/
  // local_count=2 max_scope=1 max_stack=2 code_len=15
  0         getlocal0
  1         pushscope
  2         findpropstrict      print
  4         pushstring          "hello, world"
  6         callproperty        print (1)
  9         coerce_a
  10        setlocal1
  11        getlocal1
  12        returnvalue
  13        kill                1

callproperty    3       20%
kill            2       13%
pushstring      2       13%
findpropstrict  2       13%
pushscope       1       6%
returnvalue     1       6%
coerce_a        1       6%
getlocal0       1       6%
getlocal1       1       6%
setlocal1       1       6%

This also works with SWF using AS3. It’s at least some start to have a chance for auditing modern Flash movies and Flex apps.

[Flex SDK]:
[AS3 Decompiler]:


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