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Interview: “Phishing Social Networking Sites”

Prickle-Prickle, 56th Discord, 3173.

Bei [ha.ckers][] gibt es ein sehr interessantes Interview mit einem 18jährigen Phisher. Der Phisher erklärt, wie er Geld mit dem Diebstahl von Identitäten in Social Networks verdient.

How do you monetize the identities and how much does that net you?
Social networking sites, Make me $500 to 1k through CPA deals. 5 times out of 10 the person uses the same password for their email account. Now depending what is inside their email inbox determines how much more profit I make. If an email account has one of the following paypal/egold/rapidshare/ebay accounts even the email account itself, I sell those to scammers. All in all, I make 3k to 4k a day. I only pish 3-4 days a week. Depends on how much time I invest, The more time I invest the greater the outcome.

Und zum Thema wem der Phisher sein Business verdankt:

Anything else you’d like to share/last words?
Lazy web developers are the reason I’m still around pishing.



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