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Music still saves my life

Setting Orange, 29th Confusion, 3171.
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Everyone knows situations when clicking the web here and there without a special purpose and finding some “brothers in mind” by accident. Today I ran into a techno mix of guy called Symann (he’s coming from Slovenia as I got to know), which I downloaded by accident somehow. When I started to hear this mix I was really surprised: It begun with a track from Miles Davis and smoothly moved over to a very warm and nice dubby, deep, minimal techno sort of thing. Since it was marked as _betoni#65_ I was wondering what it is about and if there is something more to get.

People who know me are aware that I’m very interessted in electronic music and mixing since quite a while. When you are a record buyer, you are much more hypercritical with music, because vinyl is usually pretty expensive, so you won’t buy stuff you don’t like after a certain time. The other “benefit” is, that the market for vinyl is relativly free now from those industry crap (at least at the places where I buy my records), since no one really buys vinyl beside DJs or old fashioned music lovers. So I think it’s a big difference if someone is ripping sound off the internet or has a different approach to it: The vinyl DJs are somehow closer to their sound in my opinion, and usually they know their tracks very well (I know, there are many exceptions, but I mean the usual stuff), and the tracks have a completly different value for them … and they like to share this value with their listeners.

I found the site where the mix was originated from: betoni, which is located in Finland. It’s not really surprising for me personally, since my step into electronic music after years of punk rock mainly started with some Finnish guys called Pan Sonic (they called themself “Panasonic”, but they got some trouble with that company) and a label from Finland called Sähkö. I also still like many stuff from there, i.e. Imatran Voima, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Juho Kahilainen or Ovuca. (BTW: There is a nice overview over many Finnish artists and labels at pHinnweb).

The banner on the betoni site simply says: “Build it deeper”. And that’s _it_: Music which makes a difference. No bullshit.

There are not only DJs from Finland, but also from Denmark, the US, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Estonia, UK, Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Australia, Canada and Portugal — overall there are around 70 mixes, most are about an hour. I got to hear 6 by now, and one is better and more interessting than the other. And it’s many types of electronic music, from techno, minimal and house to electro, dub and even some IDM.

Because I was somehow depressed today and this music made my day I wanted to share this finding with the readers of my blog. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



  1. spitze! ich habe bis jetzt betoni69 und betoni68 gehoert. betoni69 ist chilliger minimal electro, mit wabernden soundflaechen, zwischendurch eine klare, bouncige bassline. betoni68 ist deutlicher klickiger und minimaler, sehr feinfuehlig. beide mixes klingen sehr “intelligent”, sie regen den geist an :) mit mate und betoni lassen sich die schwuelen sommerstunden und die brennend heisse notebook tastatur deutlich besser ertragen.

    Comment by netzstaub — Setting Orange, 29th Confusion, 3171. @ 39367

  2. sehr guter link. richtig gute musik. danke!

    Comment by khriss — Setting Orange, 29th Confusion, 3171. @ 40767

  3. thx für den link ;-)
    sehr empfehlenswert ist auch immer wieder

    Comment by jan-thomas — Setting Orange, 29th Confusion, 3171. @ 47102

  4. @Jan-Thomas: Du weisst wovon ich rede :-) Danke für den exzellenten Link!

    Comment by fukami — Setting Orange, 29th Confusion, 3171. @ 63194


    im forum von betoni sind ganz viele weitere mixes verlinkt

    Comment by netzstaub — Setting Orange, 29th Confusion, 3171. @ 68672

  6. zu finnland und elektronischer musik fällt mir noch luomo aka vladislav delay und sein tolles label ein. darf hier eigentlich nicht fehlen…

    Comment by paula — Setting Orange, 29th Confusion, 3171. @ 71219

  7. Thanks for the info fukami, A nice way for me to start my sunday morning, chilling. I’ve started with #65.. Hope your doing good.

    Comment by DanBUK — Boomtime, 31st Confusion, 3171. @ 41178

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