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Prickle-Prickle, 8th Confusion, 3171.

For all the people who are wondering why I was mainly offline the last days: I’ve been quite busy, but I don’t want to bore with all the glory details. Unfortunatelly I need to stay in Dresden at least to Tuesday to get some problems solved. I also had quite a lot of confusing and funny situations. I recognized one of the strangest misunderstanding of how computer technology works. I found a love letter from a wrong person to a wrong person in my room. I had a lot of fun with the guys from Imatran Voima who are still in Dresden. I’ve been to Czech Republic after like 5 years or so and I was surprised how things have changed. I saw Sam Mefire the other day (remember: the first “coloured policeman” in Saxony). Finally Falk got Augustiner at “Altes Wettbüro”, my new favorite bar and we started a bet how long Merkel will survive after the election. We have a band in our house now and we came a bit closer to implement the project “HechtNET”. Marcel became the booker of Distillery, hurray. I’m very sad that I’ll miss the record release of Audiokraut and a couple of other events here next weekend, but I’ll need to give all to People’s Front of Judea.

Since Tim has no punk history, I started to think on a selection of “The 10 most important punk songs”, and I must admit it’s more difficult than I expected. For me personally it depends on how much I drink, so I am at more than 20 tracks now. Feel free to post suggestions in the comments what you think about what’s important for him to know.

Sunday I’ll hopefully meet my sweetheart again and I’m totally freakin’ out. So as I said in one of my previous posts: I’m feeling home being in Dresden.



  1. “Kill the poor” Dead Kennedys
    “Johnny was a good friend” Stiff little fingers
    “Troops of tomorrow” Exploited
    “Anarchy in the UK” Sex pistols
    “White riot” The Clash

    HTH. ;)

    Comment by Su-Shee — Prickle-Prickle, 8th Confusion, 3171. @ 52604

  2. I suggest Iggy Pop’s “Lust for life”. Saw him performing the song last summer.
    Just great.

    Comment by 46halbe — Setting Orange, 9th Confusion, 3171. @ 9174

  3. The Saints “Stranded”
    The Dead Boys “Sonic Reducer”
    Blitz “Warriors”
    Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen”
    The Heartbreakers “Chinese Rocks”
    X-Ray Spex ” Oh!Bondage Up Yours”

    Comment by Trisha — Sweetmorn, 25th Confusion, 3171. @ 18274

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