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21C3 lectures videos released

Setting Orange, 62nd Discord, 3171.
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The videos of the 21C3 lectures are released.


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  1. mycodecs.conf:
    release 20030724

    videocodec ffh264
    info “FFmpeg H.264″
    status working
    fourcc H264,h264
    fourcc avc1
    format 0×10000005
    driver ffmpeg
    dll h264
    out YV12,I420,IYUV

    audiocodec faad
    info “FAAD AAC (MPEG2/MPEG4 Audio) decoder”
    status working
    fourcc mp4a,MP4A
    fourcc “AAC ” ; Used in NSV
    format 0xff
    format 0×706D
    driver faad
    dll libfaad2

    Run mplayer:
    mplayer -codecs-file mycodecs.conf $file

    Comment by Astro — Sweetmorn, 63rd Discord, 3171. @ 44368

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