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SILC and Tor

Boomtime, 9th Discord, 3171.

Today we planned to talk about Tor. The whole day and evening went completly different than expected, but at the end I found a way to run SILC with SOCKS. Most Tor pages refer to tsocks, which I didn’t get to work properly. Paula pointed me to connect, a little simple relaying command to make network connections via SOCKS and https proxies, so connect can be used for proxying OpenSSH and other programmes. To use connect with SILC, compile connect.c, and run

connect -S -p 8000 706

The silc-client can be started using

silc -c -p 8000

/whois fukami
[02:41] *** (
[02:41] *** nickname : fukami (fukami)
[02:41] *** realname : fukami
[02:41] *** channels : c3d2 bsd-crew
[02:41] *** idle : 2 minutes
[02:41] *** fingerprint : 2086 85FD BFFA D8B0 41AD BA0D A225 F7B8 4C27 00A4

connect offers a couple of nifty options.



  1. socat

    connect is a nice small program to play with SOCKS. But socat is even more powerful. And I know, you’re already fiddling around with it…

    Trackback by Astroblog — Pungenday, 10th Discord, 3171. @ 75476

  2. The c3d2net - silcnet of the CCC Dresden - is now also accessible as a tor hidden service: t3oisyiugzgvxph5.onion:706.

    Have fun.

    Comment by toidinamai — Prickle-Prickle, 30th Bureaucracy, 3171. @ 43185

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