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Dylan Geekend

Boomtime, 72nd Chaos, 3171.

This weekend the Berlin Dylan hackers are visiting us. Hannes and Andreas gave a brief overview of the history and features of Dylan, talked about existing applications like Koala HTTP Server and Template Engine and a wiki, gave a deep explanation on code examples and discussed ideas like L4Dylan. They also gave a nice example of a live bug fixing and code optimation in the wiki software. This lecture took place from 11 am to 7 pm with some breaks, and there was a very interessting mix of people: Adam and Michael from the Operating Systems Group of Technical University of Dresden, Julian, a Lisp hacker I only knew from the BSD-Crew channel at SILCNet before, Sven aka Mr. Pentabarf, turbo24prg, Josef who fixed a Dylan syntax highlighting issue for vim and also Christoph, Wetter and Starbug.
Sven and turbo24prg (who already blogged about it) seem to have much fun. Josef also blogged about it.

So what is Dylan?
This description from Peter Hinely is taken from the Gwydion Dylan homepage:

Dylan is an advanced, object-oriented, dynamic language which supports the rapid development of programs. When needed, the programmer can later optimize [his or her] programs for more efficient execution by supplying type information to the compiler. Nearly all entities in Dylan (including functions, classes, and basic data types such as integers) are first class objects. Additionally Dylan supports multiple inheritance, polymorphism, multiple dispatch, keyword arguments, object introspection, and many other advanced features…

What did it all to me personally? Since it was quite a lot of work to get the place done and I also got some very bad personal news the other day I was very unconcentrated, exhausted and kinda depressed. I behaved like a real asshole on a mailing list in general the last days and especially to a person who didn’t deserve it at all. I am a slow person anyway, so I didn’t yet got into deep hands-on really. Andreas brought me to mind that I still have a bored Macintosh PPC 8500 at Fat Fenders to get some Dylan porn under OS 8. It’s fun to have the Berlin crowd around and it’s a good spirit for the start, since it was the first activity at the new spot.

This weekend also took me to a couple of important personal decisions: I urgendly need a break. The last few months were quite a lot of shifting and I didn’t had time to think on myself much. I decided not to travel to Easterhegg in Hamburg but to stay in Dresden. It’s a pity since I wanted to talk about the current state of WTH and Project P preparations and Tim also has holidays. But I just need to focus on myself for the next couple of weeks. I won’t really have any possibilities later. tizzy just sponsored a WRT54G and we like to play with it in the next days. And when Astro is back from his holiday around eastern we will start with Geekal. In the moment we decided to use Ruby, but who knows …



  1. Wer/wie/was ist “Geekal” ?

    Comment by Julian Stecklina — Prickle-Prickle, 16th Discord, 3171. @ 57404

  2. Dylan Geekend in Dresden

    Last month, three of the Berlin Dylan Hackers paid a visit to Dresden, to meet the local CCC folks, as well as people from the L4 project. I enjoyed it tremendously. Reports are available from fukami (thanks for organizing this!), Turbo24prg, and Jos…

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