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HITBSecConf 2004 videos released

Sweetmorn, 66th Chaos, 3171.
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l33tdawg notified me, that the videos of the past HITBSecConf2004 in Kuala Lumpur are released. The material will be distributed via Bit Torrent and it’s splited up into two packs:

Pack 1 (2,1 GB) contains the lectures of Theo de Raadt, Adam Gowdiak, Fyodor Yarochkin and Meder Kydyraliev, Gareth Davies, The Grugq, Jose Nazario, Suresh Ramasamy, Teo Sze Siong.

Pack 2 (2,6 GB) contains the lectures of John T. Draper, Emmanuel Gadaix, Jorge Sebastiao, Toh Swee Hoe, SK Chong, Roberto Preatoni and Fabio Ghioni, Shreeraj Shah, Sukdev Singh and the HITBSecConf2004 Panel Discussion.


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