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Sweetmorn, 66th Chaos, 3171.

I agree with LaForge, that the Chemitz Linuxdays are a well organized event with a very nice atmosphere. And I must admit, that I didn’t see as much lectures as I wanted to. Dan and me completly rebuild our slides and examples from Friday evening to Sunday morning, so we didn’t had much time to speak to people and we didn’t even really attend to the social event.

I was not satisfy with my part of the lecture at all. I talked like an idiot and I was somehow very confused. I guess one reason was I didn’t sleep much between Thursday and Sunday. We even forgot to show some of the examples we prepared, and I realized I had accidently deleted a couple of slides. On the other hand most people in the lecture found that it was okay and that they got the idea. Well, I recognized once again I don’t really like talk about those stuff anymore. Dealing with XSS and CSRF end up in weird ideas …

The only other lectures I’ve seen so far were the lecture of Peer Heinlein about securing PHP configuration (he told me, that it was mainly an answer to my lecture last year) and the lecture of Hubert Feyrer about didactics of system administration, which I found very interessting.

I think it was a good idea to have a C3D2 booth. The people used it as meeting point and to get informations on what we are doing and who we are. We also collected around 200 signatures against software patents. At least I got a couple of nice ideas for future geekends.

One thing I liked was the 3D table tennis: After I lost the match I was going to put the paddle on the table …

Josef, Astro and Ivo already blogged about the CLT2k5.



  1. Moins fukami!

    Der Vortag war nicht uebel.
    Ok, das Thema ist ja mehr oder weniger immer gleich, aber du musst dir keine Gedanken machen, war i.O..


    Comment by PW — Sweetmorn, 66th Chaos, 3171. @ 78144

  2. Hi fukami,

    I thought the same after listening to Peer Heinleins lecture - it looked like an answer to your lecture last year. You looked very nervous when you hold your lecture, but I enjoyed it.
    And register_globals is configurable per directory / virtual server. ;)

    Comment by streetcleaner — Boomtime, 67th Chaos, 3171. @ 85763

  3. […] die ueblichen PHP-Probleme - nicht viel neues, der normale XSS-kram. Waere vielleicht mit etwas mehr Schlaf etwas verstaendlicher (akustisch, logische Satzstrukturen, besseres th) ge […]

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