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Back in Dresden

Boomtime, 62nd Chaos, 3171.

After the very intensive travel during the last two weeks I am back home. The two days in Amsterdam were very relaxed. Tim managed it to rebuild his blog, I had the time to reorganize accounts and domains. Afterwards we travelled to Hamburg to visit just another CCC decenter. We mainly wished to talk about the upcomig Easterhegg, and I was very surprised, that there was not too much knowledge about the organisation of the event and what to find where, since it’s only about 3 weeks left. But I think it will be a good event anyway. I hope I can convince Johl to have a lecture with me called “hacktivism revisited”.

There is one thing I really need to say into direction CCCHH: Please take care that you have Mate. You never know when your guests desperately need that stuff :-)

My travel back from Berlin to Dresden was very diverting, because I meet a guy called Jakob. I haven’t seen him in quite a while and we talked the whole ride about old times, the last year and future plans. He knows many of the persons I got to know recently mainly from a former job at gate5. Jakob is starting a new business with Forki and I wish them both much success with their new ideas.

When I arrived in Dresden I recognized once again how much I need my home. It’s not that I had a bad time. Being on the road with Tim is great. We are talking alot, working out new ideas and he really kicks my ass. But there are so many things permanently changing for me, I love to see my stuff laying around excactly at the place where I dropped it before I left.

The next two days I need to prepare my lecture with DanBUK at the Linuxdays in Chemnitz. He will arrive in Dresden on Friday from London by plane. I think we should have a proper outline before he’ll arrive, so we can focus on what we’ll show. I am still unsure how far we can go in our presentation, but I think we will have the possibility to make big entertainment. Too bad that we only have one hour.

The CCC Dresden will have an own booth where we can advertise the WTH, sell Datenschleudern and “No Patents”-Shirts from the FFII, give information on the different WLAN and OLSR projects and have a meeting point for people. We will share the booth with C3le, we will have our own Mate and all people interessted in Chaos are cordially invited to visit us. Pylon will be also there for sure and I hope some other people will also make their way to Chemnitz.


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