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A Prisoner of the Past

Boomtime, 37th Chaos, 3171.

Prefab Sprout - Andromeda Heights I had some very nice and enlightening chat conversions the last few days. I won’t go into details here, but during the talks a little time travel started for me. Some people already know that I don’t make much compromises in relation to music, since I do DJing myself and being interested in getting to know good music since I can remember. I had the luck to got to know quite some persons on my way to detect a thing what I call “bullshit border”, the line which makes the difference between good and bad music (or art in general). Well, there are a few tracks which are hard to put in one or the other category, but I still believe there is such thing, beside personal taste.

At the moment I mostly listen to electronic music, from easy to consume tracks from records like Aphex Twins Selected Ambient Works to hard to listen stuff like Otto von Schirach, from Drum’n'Bass to Elektro and Ghetto Tech/Booty Bass. But in my past I had two other main personal epoches: The Noise Era with AmRep for example in the Nineties and the gloomy Eighies with all those sad and indescribable touchy sound. I haven’t really think about the Eigthies in quite a while and I must admit, that I am a child of these times, since all my pop defect must have been formed at that time. I was reminded on “Linientreu”, a disco near Ku’damm, where I spend so much nights, nerving the Djs to play Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Joy Division and such, having a hilarious hair cut and my first, mostly unsuccessful, experiences in flirting with the girls. Since I had a bad speech disorder, which made things very complicate sometimes, I took music somewhat very serious to express myself and to use it to explain my personal emotions and thoughts. From my point of view today I cannot say that it was all good at that time. I was often depressed and unhappy, but I am somehow sure that I only survived because of the music which gave me the power to step forward and made my live sufferable.

The last hours I started to look what is left, what I have as CDs or on vinyl. I have no big MP3 collection, only sound I bought the last decade before I completly refused to buy CDs anymore, and I am to lazy to go hunting at the file sharing networks. So I stumbled to some sound I haven’t hear in ages: The Psychedelic Furs, Foetus, Bauhaus, No More, The The and Wolfgang Press to name a few. But my main rediscovery from the last hours was Prefab Sprout. For those who don’t already get teary-eyed: This band and songs like “A Prisoner of the Past”, “The Mystrey of Love” and “Love is the Fith Horseman” are magic moments in the history of Pop. For me Prefab Sprout is the most accurate definiton of Pop Music, it’s what I am thinking of when I use the term “Pop”. Even if I forgot it the last years.


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