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Pungenday, 33rd Chaos, 3171.
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Indis KretaYesterday I’ve been to L’Houp, one of my favorite places in Dresden. It’s a nice little club where DJs and musicians celebrate electronic music of all kind. It’s not a dance club, but a place to talk and drink, listen to new and innovative sound, and it’s usually only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes also on Sundays. There are changing exhibitions, and this time it’s “Fee wars!!!”, from Fee Vogler (some people in the Chaosphere know her under her DJane name cloud23). The photograph shown is an exerpt of a collage, but most pictures in her exhibition are paintings on glass and drawings. I’m trying to get two of the pictures, since I like the stuff Fee does very much. For all the people interessted in whats going on today at the HfbK Dresden: Prof. Bömmels will make his debut today, with Kölsch, Halve Hahn and Plönz (you may recognized that he’s from Cologne originally).

Through some convincing the L’Houp will have Club Mate from tomorrow on, thanx to André from Inkorrupt.


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  1. I believe you spell it “Halve Hahn”. And no, it’s not at all what someone from outside the Rhine area would expect it to be…

    Comment by Jens — Pungenday, 33rd Chaos, 3171. @ 73689

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