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PakCon 2004

Prickle-Prickle, 17th The Aftermath, 3170.

A couple of weeks ago I got the acknowledgement, that my lecture about SILC at the PakCon 2004 was accepted. I was happy like a child, that I got the chance to speak there. The PakCon is a security conference in Karachi, Pakistan, and it takes place for the first time this year.

Then [fz], one of the organizers, sent me a mail the other day, that the date of the PakCon is at 22nd/23rd of December. Doh! That’s just a couple of days before the 21C3 starts. So since I’m deeply involved in this years congress (programme planing, conference team, coding the conference scheduling system) it is simply not possible to join the PakCon. Now I could cry like a child. How often will I get that possibility again? Well, maybe next year, but for now I am very sad. But as always, it also has a good side. It’s the main reason why I started to have a weblog: Putting all the bad things like that in the web and use it as a kind of lightning conductor, so I can concentrate on the work I have to do. At least I got a this nice sentence from Tim: “Now the co-worker-of-the-month-archivement is in your hand”. Hehe.



  1. Do you think somebody is interessted about this kind of thoughts from you fnord?

    Comment by frieder — Setting Orange, 18th The Aftermath, 3170. @ 77334

  2. frieder: That blog is supposed to be my virtual punching ball, so I don’t really care much if someone is interessted in what I drop here.

    Comment by fukami — Sweetmorn, 19th The Aftermath, 3170. @ 73906

  3. Pak Con I was a smashing success.

    Don’t worry. You can talk about SILC in Pak Con II.

    Ayaz Ahmed Khan

    Comment by Ayaz Ahmed Khan — Boomtime, 70th The Aftermath, 3170. @ 14975

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